Monday, July 27, 2009

Going Green(s)

What do you like best about summer? Vacations? Relaxation? Time at the beach? Time in the sun? Gardening? Hiking? Biking? Swimming?

Eating greens? :-)

My rabbits are enjoying summertime with great gusto and enthusiasm. Each day they devour a hefty handful of freshly-picked grass. For the months of April, May, and most of June, they also dined on the delightful delicacy of dandelions. Now that summer is stretching towards August, the dandelions are not as easy to find, and so I've switched to bringing them raspberry leaves, which they appear to enjoy even more than the dandelions (if one can judge by the rapid rate of consumption).

It's a pleasure to watch them enjoy their summertime treats! (Disclaimer: I've slowly introduced the greens over time and carefully made any changes to their daily diets. It's important to avoid major disruptions to a rabbit's daily fare, so introduce new foods slowly and make steady increases. And if you feed raspberry leaves--watch for the poky parts on the stems!)

Here is Tessa, saying "Gimme my greens!" as she pulls them through the cage door. Of course she couldn't possibly wait for the door to open . . .

Yum, yum, yum!